Yes, Russia Interfered In Our Election. No, American’s Haven’t Been Indicted On Collusion (Yet)


By Teddy Paige

Last week Robert Mueller and his team handed down indictments on 13 Russian nationals, saying they worked elaborately to try to interfere with the 2016 Presidential election.

So what does it mean? Two major things, from where I’m sitting:

On one side, there’s Russian interference. And this shit happened. We sorta-kinda-definitely already knew this, as every major US intelligence group had already said this. James Comey had said it. Shit, even George W. Bush said it. The Russians tried to interfere in the 106 US Presidential election, and what the Mueller indictments say is that the FBI special counsel is confident they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is a FACT.

Bottom line: Russia tried to interfere. Period. End of sentence. That has been established

What has not been established is whether anyone from the Trump campaign actively participated in this election meddling. Again, the meddling was illegal. Russians interfering with our election, no matter what side they’re on, cant be allowed. It’s third world bull shit. It needs to be stopped. It doesn’t matter if it helped Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or Harambe the fucking Gorilla. Russia can’t be allowed to interfere with U.S. elections. That’s an act of war.

So were any American’s involved? That’s the question that still needs to be answered, and what the Trump Team is clinging to right now is that the answer currently stands as NO.

No US citizens have been accused or indicted on colluding with the proven Russian efforts to interfere in the election.

None, yet.

Sure, there’s Donnie Jr.s email he released saying “IF IT IS WHAT YOU SAY, I LOVE IT”, and Papadopoulous allegedly lying to the FBI and taking a please deal, and a whole bunch of cloudy questions around Jared Kushner  (who’s father went to jail, lets not forget), and Jeff Sessions taking not one but two meetings with Sergey Kislyak… oh, and every weird thing Carter Page did… but purely from an indictment perspective, no, no collusion has been proven yet.

So Trump is right, that there has been no proof of collusion, and what happened on Friday doesn’t change that.

But it’s a little suspicious that when a special counsel indicts (and therefore confirms) 13 Russians illegal tried to meddle in our election, the POTUS screams at the top of his Twitter Feed’s lungs “WE DID NOT HELP THEM IN ANY WAY”, rather than stand up and try to defend our democracy.

The Mueller investigation is not done, and it’ll be interesting to see if another shoe drops… this time on American’s.

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