When Will A Republican Step The Fuck Up?


By Teddy Paige

It is a question many were asking throughout the entire 2016 election cycle, and it’s a question worth asking now as President Trump acts guilty as hell regarding collusion with the Russians; when will a Republican in office put country over party?

Trump fired the Director of the FBI because he was investigating him and his campaign. That’s like a restaurant firing the health inspector or a baseball player saying he’s going to call his own balls and strikes. This isn’t just terrifying, and it isn’t just illegal; it’s the clearest indication yet that when it comes to colluding with Russia, Trump is most likely guilty as all hell.

So when is a Republican going to lead the charge against him?

If not for your country, shit, then do it for yourself! Surely out there somewhere, there is a Republican Senator or Governor with aspirations of being President. Surely there is some Republican out there who sees they could benefit from being the one to take Trump down.

There were a number of Republicans who tried this very thing during the election. John Kasich. Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz. Jeb! All of them tried to cast Trump as the lunatic he was — the only issue was, none of them were able to fully commit to the idea, because Hillary had already been cast as SUCH AN EXTREME EVIL that not supporting the GOP candidate was seen as wiping your ass with the American flag. These Republicans put party over country, which directly contributed to the normalization of Donald Trump as a rational human being, which of course has brought us to where we are today.

And where we are, is with an utterly-unqualified 70-year-old-baby in the Oval Office who may or may not be obstructing justice to protect himself and his co-conspirators.

As a result of the GOP Establishment half-assing their resistance to Donald Trump, we sit here today with a President who just fired the Director of the FBI to save his own skin.

So, I ask, be it John McCain, or Lindsey Graham, or Nikki Haley, or Newt Gingrich, or some other God-Fearing, voter-registration-loving, climate-change-denying elephant out there (shit, I’d even settle for Sarah Palin), can some Republican please step the fuck up and start leading this party AWAY from Trump and back to some level of sanity?

The Democratic-led Resistance is strong, and has seen some impressive victories so far. Mid-term elections are under 18 months away and Presidential-approval ratings are at historic lows. Being a supporter (or worse, an enabler) of Trump will, sooner-than-later, become a political liability.

Having Trump in power, already, has been a national liability. So when will Republican’s step up to shut him down?

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