Trump, Who Once Mocked Obama’s 39% Approval Rating, Now Has A 37% Approval Rating


By Teddy Paige

Donald Trump, who once mocked Barack Obama for having a 39% approval rating in the daily Gallup poll, now has dropped to a 37% approval rating in that very same poll. This is the lowest any President has ever been in the Gallup daily poll this early in his term, setting a new record for ineptitude and unpopularity.

Needless to say, it’s an equally awkward and awful time to be Donald Trump.

And before POTUS or any of his die-hards can begin clamoring about fake news, please note the Gallup polls are widely respected, and the results from yesterday have been noted on left-leaning and conservative outlets alike.

Obama, as you would expect, hasn’t commented about Trump’s historic level of unpopularity, which is expected because the former President has always been a classy and respectful individual. To borrow one of his more famous phrases, Obama was never one to “spike the football.”

That being said, I’m more than happy to spike it on his behalf.


Mr. Trump needs to acknowledge that he has a problem. If he saw these types of numbers for one of his businesses, he’d either completely revamp the business model or close up the shop (and considering his bankruptcy history, we know he’s no stranger of the latter).

Instead of attacking and denying or making accusations of FAKE NEWS, Trump needs to take a long look in the mirror. We’re not even 100 days into his Presidency, and it is already safe to conclude the American people aren’t buying what he’s selling. Either his sales pitch is shit, or the product is. And either way, something has to change.

However, if the current POTUS refuses to adjust his Presidential business model, it seems safe to assume his approval ratings, already historically low, are going to continue to plummet. Trump either needs to change his policies, or change his pitch… or the American people are going to begin clamoring for a change in President.

Many have already started.

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