This Week, Trump Went From Stupid To Just Plain Evil


By Teddy Paige

Up until this point, it could be argued a lot of Trump’s unpopular decisions and actions were simply the results of a stupid man making silly mistakes. The idea to attack Nordstroms or the cast of Hamilton, for example, was just silly. The idea to claim his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s, additionally, was just a silly place to put a flag in the sand. Even some of the pettier stuff, like fighting with the attorney general he appointed or blaming the GOP-led Congress for failing to repeal-and-replace ObamaCare when he himself didn’t understand the legislation — that sorta feels like the results of a man incapable of the mental comprehension required for his position.

And yeah, that’s a shitty scenario; we’re essentially admitting that the President of the United States (though he got less votes than Hillary) is too stupid to be an effective leader.

That may still hold true. But that doesn’t change the fact that in the past week, Trump has gone full super villain.

Lets start with Trump blatantly lying to a crowd of his supporters about his reaction to Charlottesville. As per usual, the man lied his ass off — and in this particular case, that lie was about how he refused to condemn a crowd of Nazis and white supremacists, including the one that drove a car into a peaceful crowd. That’s villain stuff right there.

Shortly after, Trump announced he would be sending more U.S. troops into Afghanistan (despite campaigning against doing so). Trump (who dodged the draft) officially banned transgender American’s from volunteering to serve. Here’s how one US Army Vet responded.

Oh, and lets not forget that this was all occurring at the same time ten American servicemen were missing in action. Trump apparently is too busy protecting guys like Arpaio or attacking Mitch McConnell to extend his condolences to these servicemen or their families.

So, to sum up: Trump continued to give white supremacists exactly what they wanted, he pledged to send more Americans to Afghanistan to die, he told transgender Americans they can no longer volunteer to fight for their country, and he pardoned a racists disgraced sheriff who was voted out of office by his own constituents and bragged about breaking the law.

This isn’t ignorance. This is evil.

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