Trump Signs A Kids Hat & Throws It Into The Crowd. What Is Actually Wrong With This Man?


By Teddy Paige

This isn’t about political beliefs. This is a question of a mans grounds in reality.

During this week’s Easter event at the White House, Donald Trump (who is currently under investigation by the FBI for his ties to Russia during the election) stopped to sign some hats for kids. After signing a hat handed to him directly by a small child, instead of handing the hat back to the kid, Trump tosses it into the crowd:


There may be something legitimately wrong with this man.
Let’s put aside that he’s throwing the hat like a boomerang, like no one ever taught him how to throw anything in his life. How does his brain not register there’s a kid there asking for the hat back?
How stupid, how completely unaware, does one have to be to take a hat directly from a kid, sign it, and not realize THE KID WANTED THE HAT BACK?!?
And yes, obviously, in the brand scheme of things, the President making the mistake of tossing a kids hat away from him isn’t the end of the world. But it is a little bit concerning that this 70-year-old-man in charge of our military takes literal actions that would make you question whether Grandpa isn’t getting a little up there. The problem is, while this video isn’t the end of the world, the end of the world is something Trump is in charge of preventing.
You can’t figure that out, and you think you’re gonna defeat ISIS? You think you know what sort of environmental regulations should be put into place? You think you can be trusted to recommend a budget? Rumors are that campaign donors can’t even trust you not to use their money to line your own pockets — what chance did this kids hat ever have?

Saying you can’t trust Trump — something a majority of American’s now feel — because of political differences is one thing. Not trusting him because of a mental defect is another. And I’m not sure which is more concerning.

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