Theory: Jared Kushner Is Selling Out Donald Trump Jr.


By Teddy Paige

So here’s my current running theory; Jared Kushner, who for months have been fully aware of the secret meeting last summer between Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manaofrt, and five Russian officials (because duh, he was a part of it), has made the strategic decision to put all the blame on his wife’s oldest brother.

In short: Kushner has leaked the Trump Jr. story to cover his own ass.

Consider, if you will, Monday’s statement from Kushner. It essentially attempts to clear the Kush of any wrongdoing, while also not-so-subtly acknowledging that what Trump Jr. did was crazy illegal (oh, and he essentially called Papa Trump a liar with the whole Russia-story-is-a-nothing-burger). Yes, Kushner essentially threw both Donald Trump and his Junior under the bus Monday, and he did so solely to lay the groundwork for one of the worst excuses of all time.

Those who read Kushner’s statement to Congress on Monday will note that the man is claiming innocence. He had nothing to do with the Trump Jr. / Russia / collusion meeting…. despite being there…. because he wasn’t really paying attention.

“Oh, I didn’t know anything about meeting with any Russian officials, Mr. Chairman… Donald Junior just invited me, and I’m just such a busy man that I don’t even have time to confirm who or why I’m going places before I go there. How was I to know the subject of the meeting would have been illegal collusion with a foreign official?” That’s about as believable as saying you watch Game of Thrones to support its feminist agenda.

Whether you believe the excuse (you shouldn’t) or not is besides the point. Kushner went out of his way to become the first American at that meeting (out of himself, Donald Trump Jr., and Paul Manafort) to testify this week. He was the first to get his story out there, and his version of events has him as an innocent bystander while his brother-in-law and Paul Manny Fresh committed collusion with a foreign government.

Based solely on what we heard Monday, Jared Kushner would like you to believe he is a man who was not aware he was present to some illegal fucking shit.

So lets go ahead and assume that Kushner, who we’ve been told for months is The Boy Genius of this entire operation, knew what the fuck was going on when he entered the Trump Jr. Russia meeting. I mean, either that, or he’s incompetent, right? This was right in the middle of the 2016 campaign, at a time Trump was losing every poll. Kushner was being brought into a meeting at Trump Tower, by the Boss’s son AND it included the Campaign Manager. This wasn’t some meet-and-greet with undecided voters at the JCC in Boca Raton. This meeting had some heavy-hitters from the Trump side — to suggest Kushner wasn’t properly prepared for the meeting, or that he would go into any meeting with Trump Jr. AND Manafort and not know what the hell was going on, seems as likely as Justin Trudeau dressing as Mike Pence for Halloween.

So again, we’re assuming (fairly) that Kushner knew what was going on in the meeting. And we’re also assuming that Kushner knew (and knows) that once word of this meeting leaked out, everyone was gonna be in some shit.

Now ask this: if Kushner has realized for a while that being a part of this meeting was illegal… what was his next move?

My current theory; Kushner decided to use Donald Trump Jr., his own brother-in-law, as a fall guy to get himself out of trouble.

Here’s how it went down:

Firstly, the story leaked. Most notably, as Vox pointed out, was that the story was leaked by WHITE HOUSE SOURCES.

First, the fact that these are White House advisers makes this story’s sourcing appear to differ from many other Trump/Russia investigation-related stories, which often seem to have been leaked from Congress or from law enforcement or intelligence agencies.

Second, these sources were apparently okay with being identified as White House advisers rather than demanding a more vague attribution to better hide their identities, such as “US officials.” That seems to suggest a strategic leak.

Third, there’s the number — this isn’t just one White House adviser, it’s coming from three. Again, that suggests a coordinated leak. It’s rare that three separate White House advisers would separately go rogue to leak about something, especially something that appears to be damaging information about the president’s son.

The assumption that Vox is making is that these leaks were intentional, they were coordinated, and they came from someone inside the White House.

So lets ask: who in the White House would want this story leaked?

Well, lets go ahead and assume it wasn’t the Russians.  What’s the motive there? Why would the Russians be taking steps to hurt Trump and his son…. at least, why would they be doing it at this exact moment? It seems incredibly plausible (in fact, likely) that Putin’s Russia will eventually be done with Donald Turmp. But that “et tu, Vlad?” moment doesn’t fit our current timeline.

We can also probably take Paul Manafort out of the hat as well. Manafort has not held any official capacity in the White House since Trump’s election, and he appears to be in enough trouble as it is. There’s no real reason for him to want this story to get out there — and if he had, he hasn’t really taken advantage of it to make himself look any better.

Other members of the Trump White House Bandwagon of Dumbness and Greed, such as Jeff Sessions or Carter Page or Michael Flynn (all of whom also met with Russian officials during the 2016 election) don’t have the motive (assuming they were even aware of the meeting to begin with).

So, if it wasn’t the Russians, and it wasn’t Manafort… that only leaves Jared Kushner: the only one so far who has used the events to give off an aura of innocence.

Perhaps Kushner, knowing as we do now that Trump Jr. was almost certainly in giant piles of kaka, opted to get out ahead of it?
Perhaps even Trump himself made the call… like the movie GLADIATOR, except none of it’s awesome.

Because in theory, Kushner and Manafort are as guilty as Trump Jr. They took the meeting. They were CC’d on the contents that make it clear the intention of the meeting was illegal collusion with a foreign government. Assuming these two men, busy as they likely were during the 2016 Presidential Election, wouldn’t just walk into a meeting without knowing why their time was being wasted, were aware, then they are just as guilty as Trump Jr.

Perhaps Kushner saw that, knew that, realized it was better to get out in front of the story, and that it would be better for him overall if he made his brother-in-law the focal point.

Is it just a coincidence that Kushner was the first to meet with Congress? That he’s the one who gets to tell his story first?

Perhaps. Perhaps Kushner is just getting better advice, or is just quicker on the draw than Manafort or Trump Jr. Perhaps he’s the only one who knows how to deal with a PR crisis. Perhaps it’s also just a coincidence that a story leaked making all of them look like criminals, but only Kushner seemed ready to deal with it.

OR, as my current theory goes, perhaps Kushner did the whole thing on purpose.

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