The Only Way The Democrats Can Win Again


By: RK Coffey

The overwhelming pre-election conventional wisdom was that the Trump candidacy was stillborn and that his presence on the ballot effectively consigned the Republican Party into oblivion. Instead the American electorate kicked the collective asses of pollsters, pundits and political consultants and we now have a cabal of GOP buffoons about to inhabit the White House. This orangutan colored nightmare combined with insignificant Democratic Congressional gains along with the continued Republican control of the vast majority of state legislatures and governorships, make it readily apparent that it is the Democrats who are on the brink of irrelevance.

The Republicans have become a comfortable sweater of a political party for those who are distressed by the ongoing and inevitable changes occurring in American society. They offer a return to an idyllic, prosperous and well-structured social order where God, flag and apple pie fill the hearts and minds of all. Never mind that this never really existed. It’s a great vision and if we just wish hard enough and allow them to take care of all the details, everything will be just fine.

You can’t go toe-to-toe with this kind of BS since it is a losing proposition to argue against God and pastry. If nothing else, 2016 has demonstrated that experience, dignity, veracity and actual policies can easily be ignored in Presidential politics.  Dealing with these Republican platitudes and complete disregard for anything substantive requires a fundamentally different approach which embraces the underlying viciousness of power politics.

For the past several decades every massively successful product has been disruptive. Uber, Amazon and nearly everything launched by Apple has completely upended the marketplace either with something radically new or by filling a need that the consumer didn’t even know they had. In his own twisted way The Donster is a disruptive force who has shown that the standard approach to politics is no longer effective nor needed.

Here is a game plan that assumes that the Democratic Party is worthy of resurrection and is willing to incur some fundamental changes in order to become a dynamically disruptive political force.  Or as a template for a viable new alternative political entity.

Select a Leader

The Chairman needs to become the face and active voice of the party. They are not the presumptive 2020 nominee but rather the individual who is continuously on every news show, every social media outlet and every editorial page pounding away at the entirety of the Republican agenda. It is a high-profile, hands-on gig for a young, photogenic, articulate and technology savvy individual.

It cannot be Donna “Debate Note Slipper” Brazile or Debbie “Bernie Who?” Wasserman-Shultz.  It cannot be anyone that has been around long enough to acquire significant baggage like Keith Ellison.

I nominate this guy:

It doesn’t matter that he didn’t win the Senate seat. In fact, it is better that he didn’t.  Remember that The Trumpster never held any political office.

The fight begins now

The Neanderthals are dancing around the fire. The ethically challenged, semi-senile operatives that comprise the Trump transition team are planning their war against healthcare, climate change, Planned Parenthood, Roe v Wade, LGBT equality and a host of other issues. The time to oppose them begins now. Who cares if the election just ended? There is no reason that the political season cannot begin immediately. It is not the time for civility or restraint. These are qualities for a gentler age, not the post-Trump era.

The process has to be continuous, repetitive, simple and direct and it cannot afford to wait until the “next election cycle.” Disrupt the status quo.

At every turn his nominees, proposals and plans must be opposed via any available local and national outlet, but especially via social media. Remember that being outrageous on Twitter gets you more followers, not fewer.

Trump must be held accountable for the promises he made, particularly if they have a timetable. Anytime he appears to have fallen short needs to be loudly and repeatedly pointed out. He is a serial liar.  Let’s make that the primary characteristic the voting public associates with his “brand.”

Find out what really matters

Fire the pollsters and consultants that helped steer this disaster of a campaign. Then hire the best marketing consultants available to interview the folks along the so-called blue firewall that voted red to determine what their real issues were. This forensic politics needs to start immediately and become an ongoing process.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats comprise the standard rubric for market research. This SWAT analysis should be applied to the evaluation of the voters in the states that will matter in 2020 as well as the local elections where Democrats have opportunities to gain offices. The information obtained will fine-tune the anti-Republican, anti-Trump messages and determine the best ways to spend money to support Democratic candidates.

Hit to the body

The local Democratic organizations must begin their political activities immediately. This will require funding and direction from the national organization. They should tag Trump to each Republican office-holder and hold them personally accountable for each of The Donald’s missteps and failures to deliver. Since he promised jobs, they need to ask every week when they will arrive. Asking when the money for the wall will be arriving from Mexico, when he will be rounding up the illegals, when he will “Make America Great Again” and other such are vital questions to be loudly repeated in order to cement the association between lies and Trump securely in the minds of the voters.

Hit to the head

The first words associated with the Democratic Party too often include liberal, gun-control and welfare. It is time to change that narrative by creating a direct linkage to more positive imagery on a local level.

Begin with endorsing and financially supporting everything that is good and even remotely beneficial.

“These car seats are donated by the local Democratic Party.”

“These Lifeguard stands are sponsored by the Democratic Party of Ocean View.”

Build a relationship in voter’s minds between the Democratic Party and providing tangible local benefits. That will translate to local wins which will lead to bigger prizes.

Mother’s milk

Citizen’s United is outrageous. But you cannot do anything about it if you have zero political power. So while the Democrats are on the outside they must be realistic and generate as big a war chest as possible. Hit up the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, the Hedge Fund moguls who view the Trumpster with disdain and the media and Hollywood types to whom he is an anathema. This guy is the political version of the anti-Christ. Develop an effective plan to oppose him and they will be throwing money into the Democratic coffers.


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