The Art of Missing the Point


By: RK Coffey

There is no doubt that Washington’s favorite dance move is the spin. But sometimes even all the pirouettes in the world are not enough of a distraction to conceal amateurish incompetence and an underlying dangerous reality.

Pointing out that Don Jr’s meeting with the Russians was legal, suggesting that the Secret Service somehow vetted the whole affair and that Hillary still hasn’t gone to jail are transparent attempts to deflect from a fundamental truth. Trump and his minions have for months vehemently denied any contact with Russians. And now a there is a growing body of evidence that those assertions were not true.

The issue isn’t really the falsehood since everyone acknowledges that lying is a central aspect of being a politician. The problem is that this whole affair doesn’t pass the smell test. Why is our President so close with the leadership of a country that has been our mortal enemy for decades?

It will come as no surprise if the answer turns out to be a web of financial deals that the Putin has utilized to ensnare the Trump family. Donald the businessman equates these commercial relationships as a demonstration of the Russian’s good-faith. This is where Trump’s outsider status and diplomatic naiveté have failed him.  Prior to his election, Trump had only operated at the local level and used political power as a short-term method to accomplish his financial goals. But the Russians (as well as the Chinese, Iranians. North Koreans and Saudis) play the long game and utilize money as a tool to attain power and influence in the international arena.

The slow revelation that they have been played by a foreign nation is fueling the sense of panic emanating from the White House. But until these neophytes fully embrace the fact that foreign governments would happily write-off millions of dollars in exchange for some leverage with our President, they are at risk to be out-played and out-maneuvered on the world stage. This prospect is horrifying to the few remaining adults in Congress and is also contributing to the slow corrosion of Trump’s popularity. Eventually the Republican leadership will have to decide if continuing to blindly support their useful idiot in the White House will cost them their ability to survive past the mid-term elections.

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