So How Will Trump Spin The GOP Defeat In PA-18?


By Teddy Paige

So, the GOP has lost another election they were suppose to win. How will Trump spin this one?

It isn’t a Roy Moore scenario, where merely endorsing the candidate (a serial child molester) was something to cringe at – that Donald Trump, who himself has been accussed of sexual harassment and had his lawyer pay a porn star for silence, would endorse a man for Senator who has repeatedly been accused of sexually molesting teenage girls, puts that entire election in its own special category.

It isn’t a VA Governors Race scenario either, where Republicans could fall back on the idea that the state was “leaning blue anyway” – a premise that was arguable, to say the least, and ignores the huge margins the Democrats ended up winning by on every level.

No, this was an area that voted for Trump by a 20% margin, and less than two years later, has flipped for the Democrats.

The spin for Trump will have to be in the events of the past week. Before Trump gave a stump speech over the weekend, many pollsters were predicting a victory for the Blue Wave. So GOP loyalists could argue that, thanks to Trump visiting, voter enthusiasm for their side went up, actually making this a closer election that it looked like it would be just a handful of days ago.

But that’s baloney.

That’s like a Quarterback throwing five interceptions in the first half of a game his team should win handily, only to play better in the fourth quarter and get the game into overtime before losing. They still lost, and they lost a game they should have won. It doesn’t matter if they got it close in the end; an election the Republicans should have won handidly has instead become a victory for the Democrats, and if you don’t think that is because of Trump, you’re fooling yourself.

The Republicans, with Trump as the face of their party, just lost an election they had no business losing. To pretend like this has nothing to do with Trump – or even worse, to pretend that Trump actually made the situation better for the red side than it would have been — is preposterous, ignorant, and dumb.

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