RussiaGate: Trump And His Team Sure Are Acting Like They’re Guilty


By Teddy Paige

Whether Donald Trump and his Administration definitively colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election is still under investigation. But for those of us watching from home, Trump and his team sure as hell are acting like they’re guilty.

There really are dozens of examples of odd behavior and unnecessary lying from the Trump Team at this point, but for the sake of today’s argument, lets just look at a few recent things that have happened.

Keep in mind, if the Trump Team was innocent, there’s really no reason for any of these events to have occurred:

1) Trump Team reportedly tried (and succeeded) in stopping former Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying.

Yates, the Attorney General Trump fired because she wouldn’t support his first Muslim Ban, has reportedly been blocked from testifying by the Trump White House. Yates, who’s firing by Trump was mostly ceremonial since (a) she was set to be replaced by Trump-lackey Jeff Sessions 48 hours later and (b) the Muslim ban would get shutdown by the courts shortly thereafter, would have nothing negative to report if Trump and his team did nothing wrong.

The rumors are that Yates told Trump directly about numerous links to Russia within his Administration, including Michael Flynn, who later resigned in shame for trying to cover up these very leaks.

The bottom line is: if Trump did nothing wrong, then Yates has nothing new to share.

2) Trump goes on a Twitter rant about the Clinton’s and Russia.

Earlier this week, Trump went on a Twitter rant wondering why the world wasn’t more curious about alleged Clinton ties to Russia, and instead was just focusing on his.

Firstly, these connections Trump highlighted are widely debunked conspiracy theories, so anyone who thinks that Russian-ties should be the norm for a Presidential candidate is fooling themselves.

Secondly, and more importantly — Trump’s actions come off like a small child trying to blame his younger sibling for something wrong that he did. “Waahhhh, don’t be mad I ate all the cookies, Li’l Billy had a bunch of candy, too!” GTFOH.

Again, if the Trump Team did nothing wrong in their communications with Russia during the 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump wouldn’t be deflecting like an infant. Guilty or not, it’s a terrible look

3) Trump hasn’t asked Devin Nunes to resign.

Congressman Devin Nunes has come under fire for compromising the House Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Election. Most Democrats, and even some Republicans, have requested he resign his post, arguing he acted inappropriately in sharing confidential information with the Trump team.

The assumption many have made, as all the evidence supports it, is that Nunes, a Trump Transition Team Member, is working to protect Trump.

So if Trump truly has nothing to hide — why not ask for Nunes to step aside?

If Trump and his team weren’t doing anything illegal, if the RussiaGate scandal is really nothing more than fake news, than Trump would benefit by having Nunes out of the way.

But Trump has been mum as the calls for Nunes to resign have gotten louder. Which suggests he prefers to have Nunes in power, or that he needs Nunes there to protect him… from something.

Again, this is all circumstantial, it is all conclusion-jumping based off of the facts we can see from the outside. But it’s all based in basic logic, and comes down to this bottom line:

If Trump is innocent, why is he acting guilty?


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