GOP Unites To Get Tax Cuts For The Rich, Flynn Flips On Trump, and Alabama’s Special Election Between A Molester And A Regular Guy Is “Too Close To Call”


By Teddy Paige

Man, what a week.

Obviously, we’ve been saying that a lot since Donald Trump was sworn in nearly one year ago. And with 1,065 days till the next Presidential election (and still 337 days till the crucial 2018 midterm elections), there’s the likelihood of many crazy ones ahead.

But shit, this week was especially crazy.

Two big bombshells this week. The first was that Republican-led Congress actually sorta-kinda got something done when the Senate approved a tax reform plan in the middle of the night. Despite controlling the Senate, the House, and the White House, this is the first significant piece of legislature the Republicans have gotten through this year, and it still has some ways to go. Congrats to the GOP, as they were finally able to get their act together enough to give massive tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy. Great job, guys.

The second bombshell came out of the Russiagate investigation, as Michael Flynn (who famously chanted LOCK HER UP at Hillary Clinton all throughout the 2016 election) pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and faces five years in prison. The big thing here is… well, tons of things. The idea of Trump screaming WITCHHUNT is now out the window (as if it wasn’t already), and the fact that Flynn took a plea deal for one count (rather than being indicted on several) suggests he was offered this deal to turn someone else in.

The only reason Mueller and Co. would offer a sweetheart deal like that is if Flynn could give them someone higher up.

And who else is higher up?

Don Jr., maybe. Jared Kushner, for sure. Oh, and the President.

So it’ll be interesting to see where the next shoe drops, and for the record, many experts and analysts are guessing it’ll be Kushner. Not that any of it would matter, as The Donald seems likely to just pardon any charges against his son or son-in-law away. But it’ll be interestesting nonetheless. Maybe a pardon for a family member is exactly what needs to happen to break Trump’s base? After all, it was the pardoning of Richard Nixon that sent Ford’s polling numbers tumbling faster than Gerald Ford off an airplane.

A few other interesting things happened; To the surprise of, well, no one, the Republicans in Congress and in the White House were apparently lying their asses off about their own tax plan. OH, YOU’RE SAYING IT WILL HELP THE SUPER WEALTHY!? I HAD NO IDEA!

Roy Moore is back in the lead, which is disheartening. I don’t pretend to know or find telatable the day-to-day life of the average Alabamian, but the fact that it is clearly filled with such a deep level of disdain for Democrats is beyond comprehension. Some are saying the election is too-close-to-call, which again, seems ridiculous; the options are an alleged child molester or another guy. How is that a choice?

Jimmy Kimmel went after Moore this week, and apparently there’s no stronger political sword than the one wielded by the late night comedian who made a name for himself on THE MAN SHOW. If you haven’t watched that monologue yet, do yourself a favor.

Oh, and our glorious leader is now taking shots at the Prime Ministers of our allies, going off on Twitter (where else?) against Theresa May. The one issue? Trump attacked the wrong Theresa May. The man with his finger on the button doesn’t understand how the blue check marks work. Consider my confidence level pretty darn low.Just a friendly reminder to always proof-read and double-check your tweets before sending, kids. #Covfefe.

This coming week should be filled with Alabama Special Election news, as well as additional analysis on who Michael Flynn will rat out and which billionaires will get the biggest tax break from this GOP bill. Expect Roy Moore to grow his lead and GOP Senators to take to talk shows to tell you how the trickle-down effect will help you get out of poverty.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to register to vote. The earlier, the better.


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