Right-Leaning Media Calls Trump “An Uninformed Idiot”


By Teddy Paige

It has been completely fair for most American’s to be critical of the job Donald Trump and his team have been doing. There are zero major legislative wins, the repeal of ObamaCare has failed, and the only significant victory Trump has touted is the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (which, lets not forget, Mitch McConnell had to change the rules for to get approved).

And while most Americans agree that Trump and his team have accomplished little-to-nothing — it’s a completely different matter entirely when the GOP POTUS is being ripped on by other members of the GOP.

Take, for example, the below excerpt from RedState:

It’s time to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, President Trump’s failure to date has been largely his own fault. Contemptuous of the notion of familiarizing himself with even a superficial level of policy detail, he can’t make the case for ObamaCare repeal the way Obama made the case for the law in the first place. Having created an absurdly chaotic White House by dint of his own lack of discipline and his obsession with television, praise, and his image, Trump is unable to fashion a legislative agenda that garners the votes he needs in Congress. The release of transcripts of his conversations with world leaders make him sound like an uninformed idiot . . . because he is an uninformed idiot.

Keep in mind, this is coming straight from the Elephant’s mouth. This isn’t HuffPost or DailyKos calling Trump an ‘uninformed idiot.’ Shit, this isn’t even the ‘failing’ New York Times or ‘fake news’ CNN. This is direct language from the right-wing itself, coming to you live from Townhall Media, which is about as liberal as Ann Coulter is latino.

And they’re calling Trump an uninformed idiot.

It’s one thing to call the President of the United States an idiot. To question his intelligence is, while perhaps immature, is still a direct and blunt insult to a man many American’s wanted to run the executive branch of government.

It’s the addition of the adjective ‘uninformed’ that really sticks — RedState isn’t just saying Trump lacks the intelligence. They’re calling him lazy. They’re saying he’s not working hard enough to beat his own idiocy, and that his decision to remain uninformed, while not being the singular reason for his idiocy, contributes heavily to his current terrible approval ratings and ineffective governing.

There were rumors this weekend, thanks to a New York Times report, that the Republican Party is already eyeing replacements to run in Trump’s place in 2020. Count members of RedState as those who would likely be strongly in favor.

Unless, of course, they’re looking to roll the dice again with an uninformed idiot.

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