Questions & Answers Regarding Trump’s Terrible Past Two Weeks


By Teddy Paige

Please note: all of the answers provided below are pure speculation. They are not based on any inside sources, but solely on what is available to the general public and assumptions based off of what we are all seeing. To suggest Trump follows any pattern of normal human behavior is nonsense, of course, and any attempt to get into his head is likely an act of futility. But we’re gonna give it a go anyway.

So lets start at the top… why leave the Paris Climate Accord?

The popular theory on this one was to “energize his base,” which seems as worthwhile as dumping a cup of water into the ocean to help the tide. Trump, as he has noted, has an extremely loyal base (though that loyalty may be slipping) — to make policy decisions based on the idea of energizing them, especially one as unpopular as this, is beyond moronic.

The real reason, I speculate, that Trump left the Paris Climate Agreement, is to be a rebel. Plain and simple. Trump sat in front of the other leaders of the free world and decided “FUCK THIS, I KNOW BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM,” and picked the easiest and most obvious choice; removing himself from an agreement everyone else was in on.

Trump has been an outsider the second he started his political career. Seeing him make policy decisions based solely on keeping that outside status is predictable, albeit horrific.

Or…. it was just another way to hurt Obama.

What about the attacking of London Mayor Sadiq Khan?

So the logic behind this one is a little more clear. Trump really, truly, deep-down, wants this Muslim Ban to go through. Maybe he thinks it’ll make America safer (though data suggests it won’t), maybe he just hates Muslims, or maybe he just wants to see it go through solely because the court systems have turned him down so many times and it feels personal. Whatever his reasons — and none of them seem based in reasonable human thinking — Trump saw an opportunity to push this agenda as bombs were exploding in the UK.

Trump wasn’t thinking of the victims (or the victims families). He wasn’t thinking of uniting people. He was looking to use fear as a means to push his agenda — in this case, the Muslim Ban.

If Trump DOES truly believe the Muslim Ban would make American’s safer, doesn’t the end justify the means? Does it matter if he’s being cold?

Well, no, not at all. It just makes Trump a jerk.

Firstly, as mentioned earlier, the Muslim Ban would not make American lives safer. Friendly reminder, it was originally intended by Trump to be a 90-day-ban. We’re well over 100 days after the ban was originally signed, and America is still standing. Safe to say, a ban wouldn’t have changed that. The current vetting systems we have in place appear to be doing something.

Secondly — it’s just a dick move by Trump.

If you have a relative who was in hospice care from lung cancer, you wouldn’t be sitting around with your family saying “welp, if only he hadn’t smoked a pack a day, this wouldn’t have happened!” EVEN if you’re right, there’s a time and a place — and tweeting immediately following the attack was not the time or the place to push any sort of agenda, irregardless of whether said agenda is racist and unconstitutional.

So what happens next?

This is the most brutal part for Trump Loyalists — the next thing this week is the testimony of James Comey, where it is expected the former FBI Director will report that Trump attempted to obstruct justice related to the Russian scandal and investigation into Michael Flynn. Which means, no matter WHAT Trump did this week, it was likely going to end with a big ol’ dump over the Oval Office.

So in theory, any sane and logical person would have either (a) lied low for a little bit to try not to shake the waters or (b) worked to unite all American’s, even if just superficially, to try to get some positive PR and good cred before Comey took him to task.

Instead, Trump took America out of a popular agreement and then insulted the mayor of London.

It seems safe to assume Trump is doing what he always does; reacting to the moment, rather than thinking it through.

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