Questions & Answers Regarding Trump Firing James Comey


By Teddy Paige

The political world was flipped upside-down on Tuesday with the announcement that Donald Trump has fired James Comey. Here’s a quick-reaction question-and-answer session on what just happened

So what the actual fuck?

The explanation from the Trump White House is that James Comey is fired because of the way he handled the Clinton investigation. That’s the story they’ll be sticking with; Comey was fired for being incompetent and nothing more.

You sound like you don’t believe them.

No one should believe them! Trump, both as a candidate and as the President, has heaped tons of praise on Comey. He’s a huge Comey fan! Or at least he was, until Tuesday, when he fired the FBI Director allegedly for his handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Trump is asking you to believe that he’s gone from “Lock Her Up!” to “Fire Comey for an unfair investigation!”

If Trump felt Comey was incompetent, he would have fired him months ago. Why now? Why on a random-ass Tuesday?

That’s where the suspicion comes in. Why would Trump, on the recommendation of Jeff Sessions (who lied under oath about his ties to Russia) fire James Comey now?

The obvious theory, and one the White House had to see coming, is that the FBI is on to something regarding the Trump/Russia investigation. Comey’s FBI is investigating the Russian hacking of the 2016 election; that’s a fact, Comey has confirmed it under oath. So firing Comey is Trump’s way of slowing, or stopping, the investigation.

Will it work?

I mean, this is pretty scary shit. If you believe that Trump did this to stop an investigation into him and his campaign, then you’re believing the President is a corrupt and out-of-control criminal.

The thing to keep an eye on is who Trump nominates to take Comey’s spot. If it’s a Trump-lackey, and the Republican-run Senate rubber-stamps that person through, then it will seem blatantly obvious that Trump is pushing for a cover up.

BUT, if Trump nominates someone universally applauded by both sides of the office (or, crazy thought, someone left-leaning) then all theories and conspiracies get thrown out the window.

How does Sally Yates testimony play into this?

Lets not forget, it was just yesterday that former Attorney General Sally Yates (who Trump also fired) shared that she warned the Trump White House that Michael Flynn was compromised by the Russians… and they ignored her. So this White House has already shown its own incompetence when vetting its highest-ranking employees, as well as a willingness to turn a blind-eye to potential treasonous behavior.

Trump keeping Flynn around when he knew he’d been compromised by the Russians looked and felt like a cover-up. Couple that with today’s actions, and the cover-up truthers don’t even need tin-foil hats.

So what’s next?

Hopefully, an independent investigation. Clearly anything or anyone with any connection to Trump can not be trusted to investigate the Russian interference with our election. An independent investigation is the only way for Trump and his campaign to 100% clear their names.

And if not an independent investigation… then what?

The 2018 elections are the next major opportunity for the American voter to put a check-and-balance on the President. If Democrats take the House, then the proper investigations can begin. Right now, the GOP Congress is stonewalling investigations; the clearest way for the American people to make an impact on all of this would be to vote for Democratic candidates to act as a check on the Trump White House.


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