Questions and Answers Regarding Trump’s New Immigration Ban


By Teddy Paige

Let’s take a look at some of the questions we’ve been seeing regarding Donald Trump’s new executive order, which is being dubbed the Muslim Ban 2.0.

So, fir st question; how is this ban different than the previous one?

Trump, Steve Bannon, and Co., appear to have cut the ban back a bit. Iraq has been removed, meaning any immigrants trying to get in from a country where soldiers are fighting & dying alongside American’s are now allowed within our borders. Additionally, the original wording that gave Christians priority over Muslims has been removed.

Sounds like it’s a better deal, then?

Sure, in the same way getting punched in the gut six times is better than getting punched in the gut seven. The Travel Ban, Immigration Ban, Muslim Ban… whatever you want to call it, it still doesn’t make us safer. As I’ve pointed out previously, anyone who thinks we need to shut down our borders to be safe from radical Islamic terrorist (a belief not backed up with data or evidence) should still be concerned that this order leaves off the nations that actually had citizens commit the 9/11 attacks.

It’s like if you said you had a fear of Tom Brady, so you’re refusing to ever go to the Cleveland Browns or Philadelphia Eagles stadium. Yes, there’s football players there — but not the ones you’re actually afraid of.

Wait, you’re saying Trump’s Travel Ban doesn’t make us safer?

A lot of people are saying that, yes. Quotes and clips of Trump and Steve Bannon now feature prominently within ISIS recruiting videos. A number of high-ranking intelligence and military officials, including General McMaster (who replaced the fired Michael Flynn) have said using the term “Radical Islamic Terrorist” only hurts our efforts. Considering how tight our current Immigration vetting policy is (which is apparent, since no terrorist attacks in the past decade+ have been executed by immigrants from any of the countries on Trump’s ban), this entire thing seems to be doing more damage than good.

Okay, so the ban is cut back, but it’s still not helpful. What, if anything, does this tell us about the Trump Administration?

I’ll try not to sound like a Huffington Post mouthpiece here, but it’s hard to diagnose this any other way; this makes Trump seem like a liar at best, and a moron at worse.

Consider: they original had Iraq on the Executive Order, and now just a few short weeks later, have removed them. What changed? Why was the President so hell-bent on getting this EO implemented immediately, potentially sentencing Iraqi refugees to their deaths, blasting the courts decisions on Twitter, and then all of a sudden it’s not important anymore? If this was some “Art of the Deal” negotiation move, it cost people their lives.

Consider: when the first Executive Order was shut down by the courts (numerous courts, actually), Trump argued that any delay would allow terrorists to slip in before the ban (which is mathematically impossible when you consider how long a visa takes). Yet in the past ten days, they delayed the roll out of the new Travel Ban for the sole purpose of letting Trump bask in his positive-press following a speech to Congress. In theory, if we listen to Trump, that delay could have cost American lives. If we disregard what Trump was saying, then the rush for an EO was a lie in the first place.

Consider: The Trump Administration has announced that although the Executive Order was signed yesterday, it won’t be rolled out till next week. Where is the sense of urgency Trump threw down our throats on 1.0? If America is in a desperate state of immediate risk, why is he delaying this nation-saving order?

So what’s the conclusion hee?

Trump’s Executive Order for a Travel Ban, Immigration Ban, Muslim Ban, whatever you want to call it — it doesn’t help. It won’t make us safer. And it makes the POTUS look equal parts incompetent and foolish.

We’re looking at a legal fight over the next few weeks on whether this order stands (smart money says it won’t), but the conclusions we can make are already clear. This is not a Victory for Team Trump.

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