No More Teflon Don


By: RK Coffey

It is understandable that Hillary and President Obama would advocate for post-election civility and patience. Since George Washington, the peaceful transition of power has been a cornerstone of our democracy and is critical to assure that the mechanism of government continues uninterrupted.

But if you think that this degree of courtesy will do anything to blunt the impact of the clowns that will soon be holding the keys to the Executive Branch…..well then, you haven’t been listening.

The bozos now driving the bus are led by a “reality show” serial liar whose policy plans range from the comically vague to the frankly fascist. His advisors feature a darling of the alt-right, a semi-psychotic ex-mayor, an ethically challenged former Speaker and a sitting Governor that has both serious weight and bridge issues. His Cabinet choices are a collection of the inexperienced, the ineffective, the incredibly wealthy and incredibly reactionary.

The “when they go low, we go high” mantra is lovely in concept but doesn’t come close in effectiveness to the Republican leadership’s pledge 8 years ago to block all of Obama’s proposals. Their legislative obstructiveness during both Obama terms further enhanced the public perception that Washington was broken. They didn’t care if government worked or not. The goal was power and not public service.

Whether they planned it or not, the result was so much public anger toward the denizens of DC that an outsider was able to humiliate their bedfellows and grab the nomination. Along the way to the Presidency Trump dragged along so much bile and immorality that they were even reluctant to mention his name. But no matter, he is now IN CHARGE and they will soon be doing back-flips in sycophantic ecstasy.

The result will be a flurry of whack-job judicial appointments (including SCOTUS), de-funding of Planned Parenthood, roll-back of LGBT rights, abrogation of treaty obligations, religious/loyalty testing and the rounding up of immigrants. God forbid there is a major natural disaster or terrorist attack since either of these will be just the excuse these authoritarian loving kleptocrats will need to call for martial law to “keep order.” Hold onto your habeas corpus.

Be civil President Obama. Pass over those nuclear codes and the White House china. Keep the traditions of our democracy alive.

But the rest of us need to remember that Trump’s campaign marked the end of civility, of veracity, of responsibility and decorum. The now President-elect bragged that he could kill someone in Times Square and it wouldn’t affect his popularity. We didn’t believe it. How could we?

But it was true. He said anything, fondled anything and essentially spit upon anything while demonstrating an absolute disregard for any degree of decency, truth or accountability and it ultimately didn’t matter.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that this behavior will not continue for the next four years.

So we are obliged to remember that politics is a blood sport. Trump has no filter and cares not one iota about what nonsense he espouses. It must recognize that the other side has no qualms regarding methods or collateral damage. Mitch McConnell and the other Republican cretins created the environment that spawned the Trump Presidency. They now own it.

Begin the fight immediately. Starting with finding out what those that voted him for him in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Iowa expect from their great orange-haired savior. And at every opportunity point out how he has not met their expectations, has not fulfilled his promises and has fallen short of his guarantee to return America to greatness.

Those who wish to lead the Democrats from the wilderness must call for investigations, initiate legal actions, write, tweet, editorialize and appear on every outlet to decry the falsehood that is the Trump Presidency. It has to be continuous, unrelenting and spun to place the blame for everything adverse on Trump and his Republican minions. If interests rate increase, if the market sinks, unemployment increases, when the steel mills fail to re-appear or even if it rains during the SuperBowl…make it Trump’s fault.

He cannot remain Teflon Don.

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