No Matter Who Wins The Alabama Special Election, The Republican Party Will Lose


By Teddy Paige

The Alabama Special Election is this week, where voters will need to decide between Roy Moore (who has denied accusations from nine different women of sexual abuse) and Doug Jones (who has committed the horrible unforgivable crime of being a registered Democrat). Polling is mostly neck-and-neck, which feels like a punch to the gut for all of us Americans on the outside-looking-in; how can a man as despicable and unfit as Moore actually be favored to win over anybody, simply because of party affiliation? At what point does country and human decency come before party?

The pessimists (some would argue realists) are mentally preparing themselves for disappointment this week; getting ready for the reality that Alabama will elect Moore to the US Senate. To many, this will be another gigantic dark cloud in an already bleak sky that this country has become ever since grab-’em-by-the-pussy Trump was elected over a year ago.

I’m going opposite; I’ll argue that Moore sneaking out a victory is actually a good thing for Democrats, and that no matter the result on Tuesday, it’ll be the Republican party that will suffer.

Here’s my thinking: The entire nation is watching the special election down in Alabama. If Doug Jones wins, the common decent folks of America, especially those who are typically independent and undecided voters, will breathe a sigh of relief that a serial molester of children is not being elected to the United States Senate. That’s a win for the good guys, no questions asked.

But with that win, and the exhale that would follow by all decent folks, some of the passion and fire for stopping the Republican Party’s Donald Trump Agenda will go out. In short, a Moore Defeat in Alabama would potentially take the foot off the pedal for The Resistance.

But if Roy Moore wins… with the support of Trump and the GOP… the same week when the Democrats declared loudly and clearly they were the party that stood against sexual harassment and abuse… then there will be citizens both inside AND outside of Alabama who will have to wake up in the morning with the reality that the GOP cares more about power than doing what’s right. A “Senator Roy Moore” taking his hate-filled prejudices and love for hitting on young teenagers would be another big log thrown into the roaring blue fire that’s been building towards 2018 midterm elections.

In short, the Republicans electing Moore and all his awfulness just because hes a Republican, well… that’s the kind of thing people tend to get fired up about.

So if Moore wins this week in the Alabama Special Election… and right now, all the numbers suggest that he will… you should absolutely be angry. You should be furious. You should be insulted. And you should be fully prepared to take that passion to the voting booth in 330 days for the 2018 midterm elections.

At this point, there’s no good result for Republicans in the Alabama Special Election this week; no matter who voters elect, the GOP will lose because of it.

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