No Matter How You Feel About A “Muslim Ban,” Donald Trump’s Executive Order Doesn’t Make Us Safer


By Teddy Paige

There’s two logical ways to think about the Donald Trump Administration’s Travel Ban on Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen:

The first is that, quite simply, it is Un-American. It directly conflicts with the words written at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Turning away refugees goes against the very principles that founded this country, and to reject those in need simply because of nationality is an insult against the very core that makes America great.

That’s how a majority of American’s feel today. However, there are others who feel that, quite simply, these are desperate and scary times, and that the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism is so strong that it requires, perhaps temporarily or perhaps permanently, that we rearrange our priorities as a nation for the sake of safety.

If you go with Option 1, you likely are strongly against Trump’s Executive Order. Duh.

If you believe in Option 2, however, you should ALSO be strongly against Trump’s Executive Order.

Hear me out.

To be blunt: Trump’s Executive Order doesn’t make us safer. There’s a number of Homeland Security Experts who have gone on the record saying as such. And that makes sense! Because there are zero cases since 9/11 of anyone from any of the nations banned by Trump’s Executive Order committing a deadly terrorist attack against American citizens. Not Sudan. Not Yemen. Not Syria. None.

It would have been just as effective for Trump to put in an order preventing anyone from entering the United States via Jupiter, as the data proves American’s are just as likely to be attacked by Radical’s from the fifth planet as they are by radicals from Iraq, Somalia, Libya, etc.

So, if you believe that the threat of terrorism is so intense that it requires America fundamentally change one of our core beliefs — despite the fact that, you stupid hypocrite, you’re only blessed to be an American because this country let someone from your family immigrate here in the first place— and if you want to shut down immigration for the sake of protection, well then, you should be INFURIATED with this order.

ZERO of the nations with citizens responsible for the 9/11 attacks are listed in Trump’s ban. Of the 19 men affiliated with the attacks, 15 of them were from Saudi Arabia (not on Trumps travel ban), while the others were from the United Arab Emirates (not on Trump’s travel ban), Egypt (not on Trump’s travel ban), and Lebanon (you get the point).

By definition, had this ban been in place throughout the 90’s, it would not have been able to protect us from the most deadly terrorist attack in the history of our nation. So how exactly would this make us safer?

As I see it, there’s only two conclusions to be made regarding Trump’s Muslim Ban / Travel Ban / Immigration Ban.

1) You either think it’s an insult to the fabric of our nation, or
2) You think it’s a half-assed political stunt that leaves us just as exposed as always.

In no way does banning immigration from these seven countries make us safer, no matter what side of the issue you fall on. The Trump Administration is either completely anti-American, or they’re completely incompetent.

Put me down for both.

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