Michael Flynn Wants To Flip (Which Probably Means He Doesn’t Have Anything)


By Teddy Paige

The Wall Street Journal, which has been very Trump-supporting until recently, is reporting that Michael Flynn has offered to turn states-evidence in exchange for immunity. Flynn, who of course was fired by Barack Obama before he was trusted, hired, then fired by Donald Trump, is one of the main figures in the center of the Trump White House’s ties to Russian meddling during the 2016 election.

If the WSJ reports are true, there’s a couple of safe conclusions to make:

First: Flynn thinks he’s going to jail. Forget guilt or innocence for a second; if someone is offering to flip in exchange for immunity, that tends to mean they’re starring down the barrel of a gun. There’s no reason for Flynn to give anything up on a President that favors loyalty over everything — after all, it’s not hard to imagine President Trump offering a pardon to Flynn solely for keeping his name out of it.

Which brings us to conclusion #2: If Flynn is talking about flipping, there’s very few fishes bigger than him out there to flip on. The safe bet is that it’s Trump, which fits into the above narrative. Why flip on Trump, when he can give you a literal get-out-of-jail-free card?

Because, to be blunt; Flynn must think Trump is going down too.

And that is how we get to conclusion number three: Flynn probably doesn’t have much. After all, if he had some sort of smoking gun — or a chest full of tapes with recordings linking Trump to Sergey Kislyak — then we wouldn’t be hearing a report about how Flynn is trying to flip. We’d hear a report about how Flynn has already flipped, and how articles of impeachment are in the works, and a warrant is out for the President’s arrest.

Pretty serious shit, all around.

So, again, if the WSJ report is true — and that’s a pretty big IF — it seems safe to assume the following: Michael Flynn is in pretty big trouble, and he doesn’t have the dirt on Trump that’ll get him out of it.

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