Jared Kushner Sure Sounds Like Someone Who Was Tricked Into Being A Russian Operative


By Teddy Paige

The scandal-du-jour of the Trump Administration this week is Jared Kushner allegedly talking to Russian spy Sergey Kislyak about setting up a secret back-channel communication between Donald Trump and the Kremlin. Making these actions even more suspicious is the revelation that Kushner ‘forgot’ to list these meetings (and a few others) with Russian government officials on his official application form for high security clearance.

Taken at face value, it seems easy to assume that Trump’s favorite in-law was intentionally trying to work secretly with Russia. Now, who knows, maybe Kushner was simply trying to get Putin’s perfect borscht recipe without the nasty NSA getting its hands on it. WE DON’T KNOW! All we know is that Kushner allegedly tried to set up a secret communication with Russia, on behalf of Trump, in a secret meeting he didn’t want anyone knowing about.

So, again, not a great look for Kushner. Except that, when you couple this story with the testimony of former CIA Director John Brennan last week on how Russia recruits its spies, it seems completely plausible Kushner had no idea he was acting as a double-agent.

“Frequently, people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late,” Brennan said.

Either way, this is a pretty terrible look for Kushner, who White House staff members are refusing to discuss while rumors are he’s being asked to take a hiatus. Either Trump’s son-in-law and closest personal advisor intentionally took steps to give Russia a secret back-channel to the White House, or he was being blatantly (and easily) taken advantage of.

In short; Kushner is either a traitor or a nitwit.

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