James Comey Should Resign


By Teddy Paige

It was a big day for FBI Director James Comey on Monday, as he testified in front of Congress that there is no evidence of Barack Obama wiretapping Trump Tower and acknowleded that the FBI is investigating links and possible collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians.

In short, Comey said Trump is a liar, and he’s potentially a crook.

So why is it that Comey should be the one to resign? Because the only individual who may have influenced the 2016 election more than the Russians is FBI Director James Comey.

Who can forget, it was Comey’s October surprise when he informed Congress that his FBI had reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email servers, due to some later-revealed-bogus relation to Anthony Weiner’s latest scandal.

This naturally fed into Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” narrative, which unquestionably helped Trump win the electoral college. Hillary was, after all, being investigated by the FBI. How can someone be considered for President when there’s an open FBI investigation against them?

Except that… there was ALSO an on-going FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s possible collusion with the Russians:

FBI Director James B. Comey told Congress that the FBI launched its investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. elections nearly nine months ago.

He said the FBI started investigating the matter in July and that its work was still in the early stages.

He declined to say when the investigation might concluded

This FBI investigation, presumably, includes not just Trump, but his political associates as well, including Paul Manafort (his campaign manager for five months), Michael Flynn (who has since resigned over lying about his conversations with Russia) & Jeff Sessions (who lied under oath about meeting with a Russian diplomat, twice). Comey acknowledged this on Monday, saying the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign had been going on since “late July.”

And yet, the American voters are just hearing about it now.

And yet, Comey felt it was vital the American voters be aware of the re-opening of an email server investigation case on Hillary.

In conclusion, Comey either intentionally used his position to influence the 2016 election, or he’s completely unaware of the power of his office. Either way, he should resign immediately.

And before you take to our comments section and compplain “well maybe this shows how little they think of the Trump-Russian ties investigation,” ask yourself if the FBI would waste its time investigating the President of the United States if the charges weren’t super F-ing serious? Let’s be clear; what Trump is being accused of constitutes intentional TREASON. What Hillary was being accused of was being reckless with classified information. There’s no such thing as a “good-crime,” but there is certainly no arguing that all crimes are committed equal.

As of yet, Comey has refused to properly explain why, as Director of the FBI, he thought it was vital the American voters be notified of an active investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server (an investigation that resulted in zero charges, in the end), and yet we didn’t deserve to know about an investigation into the Trump campaign that has started in late July.

And while it’s still unclear whether this investigation into the Trump Team’s  possible collusion with Russia will result in the end of his Presidency, it’s delayed revelation (coupled with the fast-track revelation regarding Hilary Clinton) should help us conclude one thing.

James Comey has to go.

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