It Is Now Official: The Trump Team Spoke With Russia During The Election About Hurting Hillary Clinton


By Teddy Paige

Claims of ‘fake news’ are officially dead.

For the first time, we have definitive reports that Donald Trump’s inner circle was in fact in touch with Russia during the campaign, and those contacts were with the intention of getting Trump elected.

This is a shitty look for Trump, who continues to spew nonsense about ‘moving on’ from the Russian hacking of our election, and continually tries to act like a small child with crumbs on his chin denying he ate the last cookie. For over a year now, Trump has acted like maybe, just maybe, the Russians didn’t try to help him win. Everyone else, from the CIA & FBI on down, acknowledged that was the Russians goal; to get Trump elected. Everyone had accepted this… except, naturally, Trump himself, who believes that every single victory around him was the direct result of his own personal awesomness.

Keep this in mind: if Russia was trying to get Trump elected (which they were), and Trump was also trying to get Trump elected (which he was), it didn’t necessarily mean they were colluding (which, the New York Times is now reporting, they were). It wouldn’t necessarily have meant they were doing something wrong. For example, if you root for the Dallas Cowboys, and Chris Christie roots for the Dallas Cowboys, that doesn’t mean you’re the type of person who kicks an entire community off the beach just to enjoy it for yourself.

Trump, for months now, could have been saying “I don’t know what the Russian’s were doing or what their goals were. I’m focused solely on putting America FIRST.”

Instead, he defended the Russians. Instead, he defended Putin, the former KGB agent who kills journalists. Instead, he treated the American people like rubes, trying to sell us on a lie.

Again, to repeat: the Russian government tried to influence our election. That is no longer up for debate.

What we have now, via the New York Times and CNN, is reports that the Trump campaign… specifically, campaign manager Paul Manafort, Trump’s eldest son Donald Jr., and his son-in-law Jared Kusher, met with Kremlin-linked lawyers with the purpose of getting information against Hillary Clinton.

Some holes still exist, and it is of course possible that somehow, Big Trump didn’t know about this. It’s entirely possible that, as mentioned earlier, the Russians were trying to help Trump without Trump knowing, or colluding. It’s possible that all of these connections between Russia and members of the Trump team were merely coincidental.

But considering how hard the Trump team, and Trump himself, have tried to cover it up, it seems increasingly unlikely.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a taxpayer-funded office, Robert Mueller and his team continue their investigation..

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