Is Donald Trump Lying About Giving Money To Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort?


By Teddy Paige

Firstly, let me be as clear as I can, that taking a disaster like Hurricane Harvey and turning it into a political issue is not and should never be a priority. This disaster has flipped thousands of American’s lives upside down. Our first (and strongest) priority should be giving these people the help and support they need, so that the community in Houston can return to normalcy as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Which is precisely why it is so unsettling to read this report, where just a few hours after saying he would donate $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief, Donald Trump’s White House is now walking back those claims.

Via the NY Times report about the donation: (emphasis mine)

Mr. Trump’s pledge is one of the largest financial commitments made by a sitting president to a charitable cause. Ms. Huckabee, pressed by reporters, said she wasn’t sure whether the donation would come from Mr. Trump’s foundation or his own bank account, saying only that it would come from the president’s “personal” funds.

The size of Mr. Trump’s fortune has been a topic of ferocious debate, with the president estimating it at more than $10 billion, and outside analysts calculating it to be much less. But Mr. Trump reportedly donates far less of his income and assets than many of his ultra wealthy peers, and this donation comes with questions attached. In the past, he has failed to follow through on promised donations from his nonprofit foundation.

You read that right; Trump has promised to give money before, but didn’t do it. In fact, the ghostwriter of his book came out this week and said there’s “no way” Trump will actually donate. He’s Michael Scott, only real.

ICYMI, during the Republican Primary, Trump claimed he’d be giving all proceeds of a rally he hosted while skipping a debate to veterans groups. He didn’t. The MSM, which Trump hates, eventually shamed him, and months later, Trump eventually donated. From the looks of things, Trump attempted to profit while telling everyone he was going to give the money to the vets. People voted for him anyway.

And that wasn’t some new move by Trump, by the way. Dave Fahrenthold of the Washington Post did a fantastic job during the campaign of documenting all of the charities Trump allegedly gives to. Most confirmed he does not actually give squat. In fact, Fahrenthold had a shocking piece about the time Trump went on stage to pretend he had given money to a charity supporting children with HIV. Trump gave nothing, and took credit for it anyway.

This, of course, may explain where his children get it from. News cycles go around so fast these days, it may be hard to remember this story from earlier in the summer about Eric Trump’s charity, which was apparently pocketing money intended to help children with cancer.

The bottom line is — can we please keep an eye on this story, please? It’s pretty clear, to anyone who reads my posts, how I’ve felt about the Trump Presidency so far. No Obamacare Repeal, no actual legislation passed, and no movement on Mexico paying for the wall — Trump hasn’t delivered on a single campaign promise. But this goes beyond all of that. If Trump is lying about giving money to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, what kind of man is he?

He didn’t have to say he’d give. His White House, in fact, has pushed for Congress to approve a multi-billion dollar relief, something that makes his own alleged donation seem like spit in the ocean. If Trump was promising to donate his own personal money to this effort, and then doesn’t, he is not only the single worst human being to ever take office — he may be one of the worst human beings, ever.


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