If Sean Spicer REALLY Thinks Assad Is Worse Than Hitler, Than Why Aren’t We Invading Syria?


By Teddy Paige

Sean Spicer made a complete ass of himself on the 2nd day of Passover, claiming Adolf Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on his people the same way Bashar al-Assad did, thus justifying the Trump Administrations decision to bomb Syria (an attack that, apparently, they warned Russia of in advance).
There are over 6 million reasons why what Spicer is saying is completely banal. It seems pretty obvious, after closer examination, that Spicer simply doesn’t know shit about The Holocaust (the big tip-off was his reference to Nazi death camps as “Holocaust Centers,” like it was a fucking JCC). Trump, hopefully, will fire this ignorant moron just as soon as son-in-law Kushner comes back from his holiday break, because it is obvious that Spicer is, quite simply, not a smart man.
To be the Press Secretary of the President of the United States, one should be required to be a smart person.
Spicer, by proving he doesn’t know the basic facts of The Holocaust, has shown he doesn’t know things. He’s dumb. He’s a dumb fucking person. And the POTUS, be it Trump or Obama or anyone named Bush or Clinton, shouldn’t be represented by a dumb person.
But for the sake of argument, lets try to follow Spicer’s logic; this 6-foot-potato in a tie was trying to argue, terribly, that Assad is WORSE than Hitler.
Lets go with that for a second.
Assad is worse than Hitler.
Then why the FUCK aren’t we in Syria right now?
If the argument is that Assad, the leader of Syria, is WORSE than Adolf Hitler, then we should be instituting the motherfucking DRAFT in order to take steps to stop this regime.
If the Trump team believes the garbage that spews out of Spicer’s mouth — that Assad, who is by all accounts a terrible shadow of a human doomed to eternal damnation even in the eyes of atheists, is worse than Adolf Hitler — than the Trump response has been terribly lacking.
I’m probably taking this analysis too far. Spicer said something utterly moronic and indefensible. Trying to dig through it to find his path of thinking is probably an exercise in stupidity. We are, after all, talking about a guy that once tweeted out his own password.
But as long as he holds the position of Press Secretary, Spicer by definition speaks for this President and for this Administration. Therefore, the official stance of this Administration is that Assad is worse than Hitler.
If that’s the case, then America should be doing a little more than bombing on the orders of Ivanka.

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