How To Stop False News


By: RK Coffey

Want to stop false news?

Go For The Wallet

The reason that the networks didn’t have any qualms about giving Trump so much airtime was because it increased their viewership. More eyeballs means more advertising revenue. How ironic that CNN, who prostituted themselves to the ratings game by becoming “The All-Trump, All-The-Time Network,” has now been singled out by President-elect Trump as media trash.

But CNN’s broadcasting orientation is understandable. Media needs money to survive. That goes for websites as well, including those who develop and propagate “false news” stories. To hurt them, hit them in their bank accounts.

Begin by organizing boycotts of their advertisers. Then include any of the companies that provide services they use on their sites like “sponsored advertising” (Taboola), their web hosting platforms, the software company that supports their online stores, their email service…everything technical they use.

There are 100,000s of news, business and other legitimate sites for each one of the Alex Jones-like false news providers. Let these companies know that if they do business with the kind of creeps that would initiate and propagate heinous stories like Cosmic Ping Pong, that they will be held responsible for the ensuing bad craziness. And that other, more respectable sites, are not going to want to be associated with a company that provides support for these cretins.

Do the same for the radio stations that air these despicable hate-mongers. If a regional business is a sponsor of local station that broadcasts a bile spewing radio host, then target their suppliers, their electrical contractors, their website developers…everyone associated with the station. Then target the communications companies that produce and distribute these shows by boycotting their other programs and targeting their advertisers. When Ted Anderson, the owner of Genesis Communications Network, has to start taking out his own trash and can’t pay his bills, he will have second thoughts about airing fake news purveyors.

The First Amendment guarantees free speech but it does not provide protection for defamatory statements that are made with complete indifference toward the truth. And it certainly doesn’t guarantee that you can make a profit on lies.

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