Has Trump Lost Every Single Battle So Far?


By Teddy Paige

As we approach the end of the First 100 Days of Donald Trump’s Presidency, it’s fair to ask; has Donald Trump won a single battle?

He’s certainly lost the big ones. Both of his Muslim bans / Travel bans / Immigration bans… whatever you want to call them, both of them have been shut down by the courts. Michael Flynn, his national security advisor of choice, was forced to resign in shame. His public faces, spinster Kellyanne Conway and Melissa McCarthy punching bag Sean Spicer, have become public laughingstocks. His outside-the-box Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is being widely questioned for incompetence. His polling numbers are at an all time low, his Administration is hiding how much golf he is playing, and his daughter and son-in-law are being shamed for taking a skiing vacation.

And of course, lets not forget the death of Trumpcare, which was killed before even going to a vote in the House due to lack of Republican support.

Trump, who campaigned on promises that he would get shit done, and get shit done quickly, hasn’t really done shit. This isn’t a partisan argument — neither side can really point to anything the new Administration has accomplished. There was talk of ending ISIS in 30 days, of providing health care for everyone, and of getting Mexico to pay for a border wall. At this point, what hope does anyone have that Trump and his crew can accomplish any of it?

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