From the Paris Climate Accord To Banning Troops, Supporting Donald Trump Means You’re Dumb Or Despicable


By Teddy Paige

Let me start off by channeling my own inner Donald Trump, and throwing away any sliver of political correctness; to be against the Paris Climate Accord, or to be against transgender individuals enlisting in our military, makes you a complete and utter moron.

Let me take my bluntness a little further; there is no advantage for America or Americans by leaving the Paris Climate Accord. That’s why literally every other country on the fucking planet (including Russia!) has agreed to it. Additionally, there is zero advantage for the US military by banning transgender patriots from serving. Seriously, in what world does letting less people join the military make said military stronger?

Yet for some idiotic reason, Trump has decided to pursue both. He has taken America out of the Paris Climate Accord, and now he is banning transgender Americans from serving their country. If you’re sitting at home and seriously don’t believe this man is both (A) a Climate Change Denier and (B) a seriously transphobic individual, you’re either drunk or blind. Potentially both. Consult your doctor (preferably a neurologist) immediately.

But not only is Trump blatantly transphobic and obviously a Climate Change Denier… he’s also incredibly shitty at being President.

Donald Trump (who lets not forget, dodged the draft) has accomplished nothing. Like, literally nothing. Yes, the Republican Senate pushed through the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (though Mitch McConnell, who once voted against 9/11 first-responders to make a political point, had to change the rules to get this done). Sure, we can count that as an accomplishment. Woop-de-fucking-do. That’s like Lebron James bragging about making a lay-up… if Adam Silver came in first with a ladder, and lowered the hoop to eight feet.

Now, what Trump has had is a number of executive orders. Oh, he’s great at executive orders. Well, not exactly great – quite a few have already been shut down by our court system. But that hasn’t stopped him from signing more executive orders than any of his predecessors. In essence, Trump isn’t so good at the parts of governing that require negotiation. But he’s really good at ordering people around. Which is precisely what anyone would want in a leader, amirite?

Back to recent events; the suggestion that having transgender individuals in the military somehow hurts our service is preposterous, dumb, and not based in facts. Anyone who suggests otherwise is frightened of progress or has been conned into believing bullshit.

The same goes for the Paris Climate Accord. Trump’s suggestion that this is somehow good for American’s is (like many of his statements) not based on fact. He is spitting out bullshit soundbites, mostly lies, to push some backwards agenda that is hurting this country and its citizens.

And the truth is, if this was something that would ‘Make America Great Again,’ then Congress would support it as well. The majority of American people would support it as well. We’d all get behind this, support it, and cheer for a President who led the charge.

Instead, we have a President who seems only capable of governing by executive order. And he continues to push forward orders that are vastly unpopular. To support a leader like that, and support the messages he;s standing for, is foolish, short-sighted, and despicable.

Just once, I’d like to see Donald trump make a decision that wasn’t seemingly based in hate.

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