Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been The Absolute Worst


By Teddy Paige

Even for the most optimistic of Trump supporters, these first 100 days have been tremendously underwhelming. For the rest of us, the performance has been complete and utter shit.

Where does one even begin? Probably best to start with this week, when Trump himself admitted he thought the whole thing would be easier. Can you imagine hiring someone for a job, watching them do a terrible job for the first three months, and then hearing them complain they thought the gig would be easier? That;s the makings of a lazy employee, and even Trump, had he hired someone like that, would admit they probably weren’t looking like a good hire.

Of course, would any new hire be allowed to take time off work every week to go golfing? Because that’s probably what makes Trump’s “this job is actually hard” comments the most disturbing — for someone who thinks the job is harder than expected, Trump sure does get a lot of vacation time…. a fact even more disturbing when you consider how much those vacations cost the taxpayers.

And that, of course, is actually just the personal side of it.

Lets focus on his staff for a minute.

There’s Michael Flynn, who Trump hired despite being previously fired by Barack Obama, and is now potentially going to jail for treason.

There’s Kellyanne Conway, who’s default mode seems to be “lie” and famously made up a terrorist attack to try to make a point while also pushing people to buy Ivanka Trump’s products..

There’s Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager who, like Flynn, is under investigation for taking money from Russia.

There’s Betsy Devos, who thought guns should be in school to protect from bears, and whose family also took money from Russia.

There’s Jeff Sessions, the racist who lied under oath about his own meetings with Russia, who is going to spend his time and energy trying to take your pot away.

There’s Steve Bannon, the alt-right neo-nazi, who Trump fired from the security panel and has this unique ability to turn everything he touches into absolute shit.

And of course, lets not forget poor Sean Spicer, the Trump press conference punching bag who, never forget, said that Hitler didn’t user chemical weapons against his own people. The man Trump uses to represent his Administration publicly every day doesn’t seem to know the basic facts of The Holocaust. Trump has a moron as a Press Secretary.

So much for ‘hiring the best people.’ Trump’s Administration, which promised to drain the swamp, is filled with Ex-Goldman Sachs employees and lobbyists. It is the richest cabinet in history; swamp on top of swamp on top of swamp.

And we haven’t even talked about policy.

Trump’s famous Muslim Ban has been shut down not once, but twice. Trump’s famous wall that Mexico is going to pay for, shockingly, they refuse to pay for, and he’s now asking the American people to pick up the tab. And Trump’s famous healthcare, which he promised would cover everyone, couldn’t even make it to a House vote. No matter how you look at it, the Trump Administration has gone 100 days without accomplishing dingus, and that’s despite a Republican majority in Congress.

The good news? Well… we’re about 1/13th of the way done with this Presidency? And more importantly, midterm elections are just 550ish days away — which means a major chance to make a difference in the way Washington works is just around the corner.  That leaves plenty of time for the Trump Administration to turn this ship around; many Presidents have struggled out of the gate and gone on to re-election, while others have had major victories only to fall flat on their faces. The history book certainly isn’t closed yet on the Trump Team.

The first few chapters, however, are a complete disaster.

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