Donald Trump Jr. Didn’t Put America First When He Accepted Russia’s Help


By Teddy Paige

At this point, this goes beyond politics.

Donald Trump Jr., who was acting as a surrogate and campaign employee for his father during the 2016 election, embraced (at least once) the help of a foreign government (in this case, Russia) trying to help his father win the election. He, his brother-in-law Jared Kushner (who lied about the meeting on his security clearance form), and the Trump Campaign Manager at the time Paul Manafort (who is under federal investigation and resigned from the campaign in disgrace), were all fully aware that a foreign government had decided to do what it could to help Trump — and they embraced it.

Whether the Russians actually provided anything damaging is beyond the point. Whether the Russians efforts actually moved the meter of the election (which Trump lost the popular vote of, remember) is also beyond the point. A Presidential campaign can not accept the help of a foreign government, period. The conflict of interest this creates is unacceptable, and at no point should our President have to choose between helping-the-American-people and helping-the-country-that-helped-get-them-elected.

Lets take this hypothetical example:

Imagine that a member of the Canadian government contacted Dr. Jill Stein during the 2016 election. The Canadian government official says “Great news, Jill! I’ve got video of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton getting together in Manhattan and drowning a bunch of puppies in the Hudson!”

Now, Dr. Stein realizes if a video of her two opponents drowning baby dogs surfaces, it’s probably going to help her become President. So that’s a no-brainer for her, right?

Except that next, the Canadian official says “in exchange for these videos, we want assurances that you’ll cut some of the border security budget so it’s easier for our meth dealers to get into the States and out of Canada, plus you need to move health insurance reform down on your list of priorities so American’s continue to visit Canada to get cheaper prescription drugs.”

So now Dr. Jill Stein has a choice; accept the help of the Canadian government, take a couple of minor actions that would hurt Americans, and get to become President of the United States — or tell Canada to shove off and almost certainly lose the election.

That’s what happened with Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner (and, though there’s no proof of it yet, presumably Trump himself). The Russian government contacted the Trump campaign saying they wanted to help. The Trump team showed they were willing to accept the help.

Did they… or more importantly, do you… think this help was going to come free?

As Trump would probably tell you, nothing comes for free in this world, especially not campaign opposition dirt from a foreign government. The results are irrelevant; what Trump Jr. and team were trying to do was wrong, and they should all be punished for it.

A message must be sent; America First.


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