Donald Trump Defends Whoever Is On His Team, No Matter What They Are Accused Of


By Teddy Paige

What women need to understand is; for Trump, it’s nothing personal. He doesn’t have anything against women. And it’s not (as some have suggested) that he will always defend the men.

Trump will always defend his people.

It doesn’t matter if that’s Rob Porter, a serial domestic abuser. Porter was good to Trump, so Trump defends him

It doesn’t matter if it’s Roy Moore, a serial child molester. Moore was a Republican, a Trump-Republican at that, so Trump defended him.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Michael Flynn, or Anthony Scaramucci, or Nazi’s marching around Charlottesville. If you back Trump, if you represent Trump, if you stand up for the Trump Team, he will come to your defense, no matter what crime you have committed.

Even Vladimir Putin, Trump will defend… and certainly not attack… because, well, Putin has been pretty good for Trump overall.

Trump will defend you in the face of domestic abuse, child molestation, or crimes against the United States government. Because in his mind, it is Trump vs Everyone, and if you’re stupid enough to be on his side, then going to bat for you is more important than any basic human principles.

Trump Supporters can sleep well knowing no matter what horrible things they’ve done, they’ll have the President’s support, just so long as they follow him blindly.

Just don’t pull a Steve Bannon

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