Trump Responds To Jay-Z, Showing Again He Has No Grasp On What Being President Is About


By Teddy Paige

So earlier this week, Jay-Z responded to Donald Trump’s comments calling all African nations “shithole countries” by saying the words themselves were ‘hurtful.’ It was a pretty straightforward response by Jay-Z — he wasn’t attacking Trump, per say, merely commenting that the Presidents opinions regarding which nations are shitholes was hurtful to him.

It’s kind of hard to disagree with him.

President Trump responded, because of course he did. Via Twitter (duh), Trump said “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!”

Now, we can get into a whole back-and-forth about whether or not the unemployment rates have more to do with the eight years of Barack Obama vs. the one year we’ve just had of Donald Trump, but forget that. I think it’s pretty clear that the current success of the job market has as much to do, if not more, with the eight years of Obama, but that debate (if it even is one) isn’t the main point here.

The point is, Trump, as always, doesn’t hear the complaint. He just sees someone talking smack, someone in his opinion he doesn’t need, so he fires back with something completely unconnected.

The fact that Trump thinks Jay-Z… and all black people, for that matter… should be so GRATEFUL to him because black unemployment is down that they should blindly ignore any racist and offensive comments is ridiculous.

To go to an extreme example; it’s like a slaveowner in the North telling his slaves “somebody tell the slaves that because I chose to live in the north, things are WAY BETTER for them than the other slaves in the south.’

To use a way-less extreme example; pretend you went into a restaurant and asked to send the appetizer back because it was too cold, so the chef came out and yelled “somebody tell the diners that because of my cooking, guest dissatisfaction is at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!”

You wouldn’t give a shit, ’cause it doesn’t change the fact that what happened with the appetizer was fucked up.

That’s the problem here. The President treating Americans as if they should be so grateful for one thing that they can’t take issue with another is not the sort of society the United States is suppose to be. And it’s further evidence Mr. Trump doesn’t have a proper grasp on what it means to be President.

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