Donald Trump vs. Frederica Wilson, feat. John Kelly, David Clarke, And Low Approval Ratings For Donald


By Teddy Paige

Has Donald Trump finally met his match?

That’s what some are starting to ask as we reach Day 5 of the Donald Trump – Frederica Wilson Feud. The Florida Congresswoman has no problem standing up to The Donald, using language he’d probably be proud of, calling him a liar and a jerk.

Alas, in Trump World, a five-day news cycle is an eternity, and the fact that Wilson is still getting press is, while a credit to her, unlikely to last. It’s safe to assume that by this time next week, the days of “Frederica Wilson Was Telling The Truth And Trump Lied” headlines will have long faded.

Before they do, however, lets give a quick shout-out to Trump’s lunatic Sheriff David Clarke, who attacked Wilson for her large hat. This is worthy of a shout-out because Clarke, who didn’t know the difference between the word “metal” and the word “mettle,” is always seen wearing a large hat. What an idiot. Men in glass houses, and all that shit.

Trump’s racism has again been exposed for those who care to pay attention; he attacks a black congresswoman, he appears insensitive when speaking to the widow of a black serviceman killed in action, and the whole thing reminds our nation of that time he took shots last summer at the family of a Muslim soldier KIA. Trump, as always, has refused to apologize for any of that.

Meanwhile, he privately offered the father of a white servicemen $25,000. Please note the President didn’t actually do it — until the press publicly called him out about it this week. Irregardless, it’s interesting the difference between how Trump reacts to white Gold Star Families vs. non-white ones. And by “interesting,” we of course mean “racist-as-shit.”

Will any of it matter? Trump’s Gallup poll numbers took a small hit this week, as his disapproval dropped to 60%… not a new record, but near his low-water mark for sure. But does any of this shock you? It’s been nearly two years since Trump made his “I like war heroes who weren’t captured” comments about McCain, and a few decades since he dodged the draft. His lack of respect for those who served is well-known and undeniable.

The only person who’s reputation seems to truly be taking a hit is Chief of Staff John Kelly, who continues to go to bat defending his emperor with no clothes. The General was caught lying about Congresswoman Wilson this week, which in any other administration would be cause for a pinkslip. Alas, under Trump, it’s likely cause for promotion.

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